• The Compagnie Artique

The Compagnie Artique

Breton tradition and culinarité for 1989

Anchored to the tip of Brittany, land of gastronomic heritages Compagnie Artique offers gourmet quality recipes prepared by our chefs in the pure tradition. Real garden above the sea, this is where they draw their inspiration to offer you products 100% authentic flavors


  • St. Jacques shells cooked
  • Cassolettes à base de produits de la mer
  • Individual laminated, appetizers or share
  • Individual laminated, appetizers or share

A range of tasty recipes as diverse as
for the sake of all gourmets!

A family history

Attached to SILL family group (Industrial Milk Company of Leon) since 1993, the Company Arctic brand is owned PRIMEL FOOD whose director, Gurvan Falc'hun is none other than the little son of the founder of SILL group and son of current CEO, Gilles Falc'hun.



These three generations of entrepreneurs have become the architects of a brand who writes his story on a region.

Some figures:

Company liable proud to live more than 300 families strong values ​​and thereby contributes to the development of regional economy